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What Is SEO?
SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It the process applied to your website so that search engines will give your website top search result rankings. Why do I need SEO? People use Google for everything. Searching for recipes, news, research and finding local businesses. There are hundreds of millions of searches performed. Each one of those searches is an opportunity. An opportunity to provide searchers with a product, information or service that meets there need. Research shows that most ...

SEO or Google Adwords?
If you are new to internet marketing, you may be wondering where your money is best spent, SEO or Adwords? Google search results are separated into two categories. Paid and organic. The organic (or natural) results are websites Google thinks best match your search. The paid advertisements run along the top, bottom and right side of the organic results. Lets compare the features of both. SEO. Is more time intensive and expensive to initially set up. Spending time and money ...

What is Inbound Marketing?
Inbound marketing is a marketer or businesses dream. The problem with old school outbound marketing is that it is annoying, expensive and ineffective. I live in a condo. Why do I want to be interrupted while eating dinner by someone selling roofing or windows? Sure, you can call 1000 people and you might find someone needing what your selling. But how expensive was it to find that customer? Inbound marketing is when consumers go looking for a ...

Successful Internet Marketing Strategies
There are several different models of internet marketing. Whether you are promoting a business or a hobby website, internet marketing is important to attracting an audience to your website. Paid Advertising: One of the most widely known methods to internet marketing is through paid advertisements. Paid website marketing is no different on the internet than in the offline world. You find a large group of consumers who are in your target market and you market your ...

Search Engine Optimisation
If you are looking for the best way to promote your products and or services online then you should consider search engine optimisation. The idea behind this concept is getting people to notice your website by getting the best rankings possible from the search engines. When you type in a search into a search engine like Google you are returned with thousands of results (competitors). SEO optimisation helps to make sure that your site come up high on the ...

Canadian SEO Marketing Firm
If you are looking to boost your website’s visibilty in search engines, get more visitors, sell more products, or just get your idea out to a wider audience, then you need a technique called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. The purpose behind SEO marketing is to push your website higher on the search engine results so that more people see your website and more people hear your marketing pitch. How do you go about doing this? You could study, ...
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